Today's date is December 5, 2022

Darren Soto and Stephanie Murphy slam Donald Trump for “Disgusting” twitter remarks about Mika Brzezinski


Two members of the Orlando Congressional delegation are voicing objections to President Donald Trump’s tweets directed at Morning Joe Talk Show Host Mika Brezezinksi. Earlier this week, Donald Trump took to twitter to retaliate for critical comments said by Brezezinski and Morning Joe Host, Joe Scarborough on their program.

Both Democratic Representatives Darren Soto and Stephanie Murphy responded with tweets of their own.

The Congressman from the 9th District had these words about the President’s social media behavior.

Murphy has been critical of Donald Trump’s behavior towards women since the campaign trail last year, but wanted constituents to monitor the ongoing health care fight taking place in the senate.

While Democrats and Republicans have both denounced the remarks, the White House is not retreating and defended the President’s words at a Friday press briefing.

Brzenski and Scarborough, who is her fiance, responded on Friday saying “He attacks women because he fears women,”


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  1. Who gives a crap about what this democrats think, especially Murphy! Nobody says a thing about the garbage Mika says about our President & the fact that the media has said more disgusting things about a president that loves his country enough that he gave up a cushie life to save it from the 8 years of destruction done by Obama.

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