Today's date is January 24, 2022

Commissioner Janer Receives Presidential Advocacy Award


Osceola County Commissioner Viviana Janer has received the Presidential Advocacy Award from the Florida Association of Counties (FAC) during the group’s annual Conference and Exposition this year.

“It’s an honor to be recognized by FAC for being a strong advocate for the residents of Osceola County and making sure their voices are heard,” said Janer. “As a county commissioner it is crucial to continuously communicate with our legislators during the decision-making process so that state government truly serves our people and is aware of their concerns.”

This award was given to Janer for her advocacy in drafting and promoting solid policy during this year’s Legislative session and being a strong advocate for the particular needs of Osceola County.

The Florida Association of Counties has promoted “home rule” – the concept that government closest to the people governs best.  For example, County Commissioners know better how to govern their counties and meet their county’s specific needs and challenges better than those in Tallahassee who may have never even been to the area.

“The active participation of commissioners engaging their legislative delegation is critical to the success of our mission” said FAC President, Marion County Commissioner, Kathy Bryant “to strengthen home-rule and to empower our communities – not Tallahassee.”  The Presidential Advocacy Award is given annually to those county commissioners from around the state who have shown notable leadership to advance their counties’ legislative agenda.


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