Today's date is January 24, 2022

Youth an Asset For House 47 Candidate Eskamani


Local Democrat Anna Eskamani has announced her intention to run for State House District 47.  The seat, currently held by Republican Mike Miller, is up for grabs as Miller runs for Congress in 2018.  Previously, the seat has been held by Linda Stewart.  Anna has an impressive resume; at 27 years old, she is an adjunct professor at UCF as she seeks her Ph.D. in Public Affairs.  She was appointed to the state board of the Women League of Voters last year.

Some may discount her because of her age, but Doug Kaplan, political pollster and the President and Owner of political marketing firm Gravis Marketing, believes Anna has a good chance.  “It’s a younger, more educated district,” said Kaplan. “Her biggest weapon will be her youth and friends. She will have an army of volunteers from UCF and her work at Planned Parenthood — Volunteers are critical to these types of races.”

Anna knows what she has to offer to the district: “I offer a distinct advantage over other more traditional Democratic candidates, especially today — a time of unprecedented excitement and participation on the left and among potential Democratic voters. Namely, I offer a clear contrast to the Republican Party which is profoundly unpopular and begging to be replaced by a genuine full-throated alternative like myself. I represent the Party’s future, and my ability to articulate a progressive message that speaks to hard working families of all background is critical to both winning elections and leading real social change.”

The first challenge for Eskamani is the primary. Kaplan tells us to follow the money: “Her first fundraising report will tell us a lot. She is deeply ingrained with local progressives and should have no issue raising money.” Eskamani has been endorsed by local progressive Rep. Carlos Guillermo Smith.

Some critics say Anna is too far left.  To that, Anna offers a response.  “Republicans for two decades have implemented failed policies and dysfunctional misrule in Tallahassee. Democrats must not only shame them — as super important as that is — we must also offer our hard-working Florida families a clear alternative and demonstrably work to build towards that vision.”  It will be exciting to follow the campaign of this young, progressive candidate and see who else throws their hat in the ring for the District 47 seat.


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