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Gwen Graham Calls Repeal Vote Heartless Partisan Politics At Its Worst


Gwen Graham Condemns Affordable Care Act Repeal Vote

Following the Senate’s procedural vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act without a replacement plan, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Gwen Graham released the following statement:

“Senate Republicans’ new repeal shell bill is a dangerous step in the wrong direction that will result in drastic cuts to Florida seniors on Medicaid, higher costs for working families and less coverage for millions of Americans. It is heartless partisan politics at its worst.

“From the first day of my first campaign, I have said Republicans need to work with Democrats to strengthen the law. In Congress, every time Republicans tried to repeal ObamaCare, I stood up to protect the gains we have made. We can improve upon those gains by expanding access and lowering costs — but no one in Washington or anywhere in America actually believes repealing the Affordable Care Act will achieve those goals. Senator Marco Rubio and his Republican colleagues have voted to take away insurance purely to deliver on an ill-conceived campaign promise.

“As Republicans in Washington move forward with repeal, we must continue to fight back. As governor, I will fight the Trump administration tooth and nail to protect KidCare, increase access to insurance and lower costs in our state. We will expand Medicaid, protect pre-existing conditions, preserve mandatory coverage for preventative care like mammograms, and create a Florida public option.”

Just this month, Graham has performed Workdays at the Sulzbacher Center, a federally qualified health center in Jacksonville, and Shepherd’s Hope, a free and charitable clinic in Seminole County, to highlight the importance of the Affordable Care Act and the need to expand Medicaid in Florida.

In her 2014 House race and throughout her service in Congress, Graham opposed repealing the Affordable Care Act, voted against repeal eight times, and called on Republicans to work with Democrats to improve the legislation. As governor, she will fight for Florida to expand Medicaid, protect pre-existing conditions and create a public option to increase access to insurance, improve care and lower costs.


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