Today's date is January 20, 2022

Seminole County Man Faces Federal Child Pornography and Inducement Charges


A criminal complaint has been filed against Andrew Goldberg of Sanford in federal court in the Middle District of Florida, alleging that the Seminole County resident possessed child pornography and attempted to meet with 2 underage girls in order to engage in sexual activity with them.

An undercover special agent from the FBI, Kevin Kaufman, submitted a 12 page affidavit detailing his observations while he was undercover communicating with Goldberg.  After joining the Facebook groups, Kaufman, in his undercover capacity, began engaging with Goldberg, the creator of the groups.  They had several conversations over the course of over a month, when Goldberg sent undercover Kaufman an email stating “Next Saturday is my birthday.  I wish I wish I had a little girl I could play with for my birthday but there aren’t any around,” going on to describe in graphic detail the sexual activities he would subject the underage girl to.  Kaufman then offers to allow Goldberg to engage in sexual intercourse with his daughters, who he tells Goldberg are 9 and 11 years old.  Kaufman and Goldberg agree to meet at McDonald’s, where law enforcement officers arrested Goldberg.

As the constitution restricts federal regulation of states except in certain circumstances, one of which is regulating interstate commerce, the complaint alleges the Goldberg’s use of the internet and his smartphone (“means of interstate commerce”) in order to download and view child pornography and to create Facebook groups dedicated to viewing and sharing child pornography.  A search of his phone yielded more graphic child pornography.  Goldberg did not make an application for release pending trial and so will be detained pending his trial.


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