Today's date is January 16, 2022

Gwen Graham Rolls Out High Profile Endorsements

Florida Democratic Women Leaders Endorse Gwen Graham
Gwen Graham announced support from four more Florida Democratic women leaders, today, adding to the dozens of endorsements she has received from current and former elected officials and grassroots activists from across the state.

“These women are leaders in our state fighting to restore public education, defend our health care, protect our environment and build an economy that works for every Floridian,” Graham said. “I’m proud to have their support and look forward to working with them to take back our state and finally put Florida on a brighter path forward.”

Karen Castor Dentel, former state Representative (Maitland) and public school teacher, said,“After decades with governors undermining our public schools, blaming hardworking teachers, and over testing our kids, voters are eager for a leader who makes education a priority. As a mother, Gwen Graham understands the challenges we face and has the experience and knowledge to fight back against for-profit schools that divert public school dollars. She knows that increasing teacher pay will be a first step in addressing the teacher shortage. And Gwen will fight to fully implement the class size amendment as the voters demanded. It’s time to put our students first and that’s why I’m proud to support Gwen Graham for governor.”

Alma Gonzalez, Democratic National Committee member and former Treasurer of the Florida Democratic Party, “Gwen Graham understands building an economy that works for every Floridian starts in our public schools and colleges. Gwen will fight to increase public school funding by ending the lottery shell game, expand technical education starting in our middle schools, and expand access to our colleges and universities. To move forward, we must build a 21st-century economy and ensure our children and grandchildren have the skills they need to fill those new jobs. We will tackle this great challenge with Gwen Graham as our next Governor.”

Pegeen Hanrahan, former Gainesville mayor, said, “As a lifelong Floridian, I trust Gwen Graham to protect Floridians and the state we love.   As a mother of three, a cancer survivor and an environmental professional engineer, I know Gwen Graham will fight for everyday people who rely on a level playing field to care for themselves and their families.   My husband and I are the products of Florida public education, and our kids all attend Gainesville’s public schools.  We worry about what the politicians in Tallahassee will come up each year to undercut our schools and our citizens’ access to affordable, comprehensive healthcare.  We know that those who’ve been in charge are not doing all they should to ensure clean water and healthy communities for future generations.   Gwen Graham has a record of setting aside partisanship and fighting for her constituents.  We need Gwen Graham as Florida’s next governor.”

Kelly Skidmore, former state Representative (Boca Raton), said, “It’s time to send a qualified leader to the governor’s office. Gwen Graham has fought for equal pay and defending our right to choose. As governor, she’ll defend our health care, fight for paid sick time and build an economy that works for every Floridian.”


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