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Orlando second best city in U.S. for soccer fans


Orlando is the second best city in the United States for soccer fans, according to a new study by WalletHub. For their analysis, WalletHub reviewed nearly 300 cities that had at least one college or professional soccer team, and considered factors like stadium accessibility, ticket prices, and championship wins.

Orlando’s second place ranking (first for midsize cities) was based largely on the success of the Orlando City  Soccer Club, which hosted its first game in 2015 and has sold out its season tickets each year of its existence. The Lions’ first season average attendance of over 32,000 was the second best in Major League Soccer. The team has been able to create an impressive level of fan support in a few short years, ranking first in the country for most engaged MLS fans.

Orlando City SC has the second lowest minimum season ticket price in the U.S.; Portland was lowest. Orlando also ranked third for MLS stadium capacity, first for NWLS stadium capacity.

Other Florida cities on the list include Miami (ranked 26th overall and 19th for large cities), Jacksonville (ranked 26th for large cities), Tampa (32nd for large cities), St. Petersburg (9th for midsize cities), Gainesville (33rd for midsize cities), and Tallahassee (56th for midsize cities).

Read the full study here.

Photo via Orlando City Soccer Club Facebook page.

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