Today's date is May 22, 2022

Texas grocery store H-E-B returning Publix’s favor, sending hurricane relief to Florida


After Hurricane Harvey hit Texas, Florida grocery store Publix sent trucks of relief supplies to Texas, and now Texas grocery store H-E-B is returning the favor, sending trucks to Florida to help with Hurricane Irma recovery efforts.

Just like the areas affected by Harvey, supplies of staples like water and bread have been scarce at many Florida grocery stores.

According to ABC13-Houston, H-E-B sent ten trucks full of water, food, and hygiene products from Houston on Wednesday morning, and they are expected to arrive at Publix stores across Florida by Friday.

H-E-B posted a video and message of support on their Facebook page:

Because we’re stronger together, H-E-B is repaying the kindness shown to us by our friends at Publix and beyond during Hurricane Harvey. Today, we sent trucks to Florida to help with relief from Hurricane Irma. Our friends near and far were there in our time of need, so it’s our turn to lend a helping hand. #TexasStrong

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