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Study: Orlando 2nd most fun city in U.S.


Orlando is the second most fun city in the United States, beat only by Las Vegas, according to a new study by WalletHub.

The study reviewed the 150 largest American cities for 58 key metrics related to number and variety of cheap, fun activities. Orlando scored well for per capita number of restaurants (tie for 1st nationally with New York City and Las Vegas), dance clubs (5th), bar accessibility (8th), number of attractions (11th), and festivals (12th).

In the broader categories of “entertainment and recreation” and “nightlife and parties,” Orlando scored 3rd and 6th respectively, but it was the cost factor that propelled it over bigger cities and continues to make Orlando a mecca for tourists, especially families. Despite the broad range of options, Orlando is the 6th cheapest city in the U.S., compared to other entertainment destinations like Las Vegas (77th), New York City (150th), Miami (110th), New Orleans (82nd), and Los Angeles (128th).

Other Florida cities on the list of fun cities include Miami (4th), Tampa (15th), Fort Lauderdale (22nd), Jacksonville (37th), and St. Petersburg (48th).

Read the full study at WalletHub’s website.

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