Today's date is May 19, 2022

Rubio: Puerto Rico ‘on the verge of a humanitarian crisis’


After returning from his visit on Monday to Puerto Rico, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) spoke on the Senate floor to discuss the devastation Hurricane Maria caused to the U.S. territory.

“What I saw is over three and half million American citizens potentially on the verge of a serious and growing humanitarian crisis,” said Rubio, citing the widespread damage to the electrical grid, communications systems, roads, and countless homes and businesses. Current assessments of the damage estimate it will take months to restore power to the island.

“While the response to this storm will take a significant amount of patience, it will also take a significant amount of urgency,” continued Rubio. “For each day that goes by, this crisis will get worse, not better. And I fear that if in fact there is not enough urgency in the response, we will be talking about a very different set of stories in the days to come. I hope I’m wrong, with all of my heart. But I fear that when communications does come back up, and when we start getting more access to some of these areas that have been cut off, we’re going to start learning that the toll and the impact of this storm is far worse than we had imagined.”

Watch Rubio’s speech here:

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