Today's date is October 26, 2020

Gillum Comments on Public Service Commission Decisions


In the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, many Floridians have become disenchanted with the utilities companies available in the state.  Millions of Floridians were left without electricity for extended periods of time and unhappy customers are left with few, if any alternatives.  Today, the Commissioners of the Public Service Commission unanimously found that because Florida Power & Light failed to submit a required financial analysis, costs incurred for the two reactors from Jan. 1, 2017 going forward cannot be collected through nuclear power-related fees customers pay.

“As the Public Service Commission met earlier today, it’s important to remind Floridians what is at stake with these meetings. The PSC’s decisions affect every Floridian in this state, and we need consumers to have a real voice on it — not Governor Scott and the state’s biggest corporate players,” said Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum

“Instead of forcing everyday Floridians to continue ponying up money for Florida Power & Light, the PSC should instead force FPL to pay for their Turkey Point nuclear energy license. Working people in this state face enough financial hardships as it is — they should not have to fork over more money to an enormous corporation who controls most of the state’s major energy decisions. Corporations have run roughshod over this state for too long, and when I’m Governor it will finally end,” Gubernatorial candidate Gillum pledged.


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