Today's date is January 24, 2022

Graham:  DeSantis Is Out of Touch with FL and Welcome To The Race

Graham: Ron DeSantis Is Out of Touch with Florida
Following Congressman Ron DeSantis’s Fox and Friends announcement that he would run for governor with the support of Donald Trump, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Gwen Grahamreleased the following statement:

“Ron DeSantis running as Trump’s hand-picked candidate with the backing of out-of-state billionaires may endear him to the most partisan primary voters, but he is too extreme for Florida. While DeSantis has dedicated his time in Congress to protecting Trump from Mueller and becoming a Fox News star, we look forward to a vigorous debate on the real issues that affect Florida families most. Ron DeSantis’s support for privatizing public schools, his denial of climate change and his votes to cut Medicare are just out of touch with Florida.”


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