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OPO: Orange County School Board Campaign Update


After stumbling out the blocks in November, candidate for school board chair Nancy Robbinson made up for her slow start in December by raising $10,400 to end the year. That brings her total raised $16,400 in just two months in the race.


Robbinson represents District 6 on the Orange County School Board and has been there since 2008. She’s a veteran and has all the right connections to lead the board from the position of chair. Her financial report is littered with an array of business professionals, like attorneys, educators, and real estate professionals.


That trend is likely to continue as Robbinson moves forward in her campaign. But as her December report proved, she’s ready to take on the competition.


Over in District 1, candidate Angie Gallo keeps slowly pulling in money. She raised $4,925 in December, bringing her campaign haul to $10,275. So far, Gallo is the best-financed candidate in the race. Behind her is Heather Traynham. This is her second report, and for the month of December and the totality of the race, Traynham has raised $3,000. UPDATE Traynham raised $5000 after providing her report for December.

The most difficult, and most crowded race, is happening in District 2 where there are 6 candidates filed to run. In December, Sara Au raised $2,085. So far, she has $3,960 in her campaign account.


After Au comes Chadwick Hardee. He raised just $115 in December. He has the most money raised so far, $16,500. But it seems that Hardee’s money sources haven’t come around. He loaned his campaign $15,000 to start but hasn’t been able to raise more than $1,000 in a month since filing.


Besides Au and Hardee, newly filed candidate Johanna Lopez raised $3,518 in December after being in the race for less than a month. Out of all six candidates, these three seem to be the most viable.


In District 3, no candidate has been able to raise more than incumbent Linda Kobert. She didn’t pull in any money in December but has $5,100 in her campaign account. That may be enough to fend off the competition.


A new candidate has filed, Michael Daniels, as of the 16th of January. But with no reports for him yet, Kobert seems to have a clear path.


While school board races aren’t money magnets, they are important to follow. With Robbinson running for chair, her seat will soon open for candidates. District 2 has a bottleneck and District 3 has a representative running for reelection.


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