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Interview With Navy Veteran Wayne Liebnitzky who qualified by petition for the race for Florida’s 9th Congressional District


Republican Wayne Liebnitzky has qualified by petition for Florida’s 9th Congressional District. He says he is the first federal candidate to ever get on the ballot through the petition process in Florida.

Liebnitzky is a determined Navy veteran and business entrepreneur of St. Cloud. He is going up against the Democratic incumbent U.S. Rep. Darren Soto. Liebnitzky ran against Soto in 2016 and lost.

“This is my second run and I’ve worked very hard. It was tough, I shook at least 7000 hands,” Liebnitzky explained. “Money is always a problem of course in these cases. It’s tough to run a campaign and spend all this money.”

Liebnitzky told us how difficult it can be running a grassroots campaign on his own against an incumbent. “I did it myself. I try to go anywhere I can to talk to people and listen to them. Everyone has the same concerns in the end.” Healthcare, immigration and terrorist threats are a few of the common points people he has spoken to feel are important.

He had some close calls while going door to door during this petitioning process. “When I started my petition, someone came at me with a pit bull,” Liebnitzky explained. “There were some issues at first. The last two months have been better.”

He had to keep St. Cloud Police and the Osceola Sheriff’s Department informed when and where he would be so they could keep an eye out for him while petitioning in an effort to keep him safe.

Despite the difficult beginning, Liebnitzky remains positive and ready to serve. “It looks pretty good for us. Whoever is going to run, I’ll be glad to run against them,” he said.

“I have been in Florida for over 40 years. I’ve lived in the area for over 20 years. I’m going to sit back and watch. It may come down to party lines. Vote country, not party.”

Visit to learn more about Liebnitzky’s ongoing campaign.


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