Today's date is December 3, 2021

Osceola County Takes Step in Development of Beltway System


Osceola County made a series of agreements on Monday night to continue plans to build an Osceola County beltway.

Although County Commissioners approved three agreements related to the Osceola Parkway Extension, choosing the final alignment of the toll road was not part of the meeting agenda. Osceola County will continue to work with Central Florida Expressway (CFX) to determine the most viable alignment of the roadway.

“A beltway will enhance mobility of the area’s growing population and economy, relieve congestion on local roads, provide for the incorporation of transit options, and promote regional connectivity,” said Commission Chairman Fred Hawkins, Jr. “As these are toll roads, there is not the same financial burden on taxpayers. We continue to go through a process that will determine if the system is feasible and can pay for itself.”

The alignment issue for the Osceola Parkway extension will be addressed by the Central Florida Expressway (CFX) board of directors at its March 8th meeting. Construction of the road would not be anticipated to start for at least 6 to 8 years.

Monday’s approval adds details to the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) agreement originally reached in March of 2106. It calls for contributions of $33 million from FDOT, and $37 million from Farmland Reserve and All Aboard Florida. Just more than $1 million will be used for design and $68.9 million for acquiring right-of-way. Changes include additional description of the project, and information on the local share (Farmland Reserve and All Aboard Florida funds).

The second agreement is between Osceola County and Farmland Reserve and provides $37 million to the County for design and right-of-way acquisition. The third agreement is between the County and CFX and calls for the regional agency to place $70 million into escrow for use in design and right-of-way acquisition.

CFX will take the lead in the right-of-way acquisition of the project, negotiating the terms for right-of-way then requesting approval from the County. Each acquisition agreement will go to the County Commission. Similarly, CFX will take the lead in project design.

The study corridor of the proposed Osceola Parkway Extension begins approximately one mile west of the Boggy Creek Road and Osceola Parkway intersection and extends eastward along the Orange/Osceola County line for approximately 6 miles before turning south into Osceola County to meet the northern terminus of the proposed Northeast Connector Expressway. The project also includes a potential north/south segment linking to SR 417 in the general vicinity of the Boggy Creek Road interchange.


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