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Where Florida Voters Stand On The Issues


Florida Issues Poll

Gravis Marketing’s February Florida tracking poll gauged support for a variety of issues among voters.  Both Rick Scott and Donald Trump get positive marks for the handling of Hurricane Irma, however Governor Scott’s response is seen much more favorably.  Scott gets a 70%-16% approval for his handling of Irma, while Trump gets a 47%-44% rating.  Scott’s numbers take a large dip when voters are specifically asked about his performance handling nursing homes and other medical facilities during hurricane Irma, which they still rate positively at 45%-30%.

In 2018, voters in Florida will get the opportunity to vote on a ballot measure that would give the voters of Florida the “exclusive right to decide whether to authorize casino gambling in Florida.”   The latest Gravis poll finds that a plurality of Florida voters supports legalizing poker and other forms of gambling in Florida. 48% support legalization and 29% oppose.  A plurality of Florida voters opposes Greyhound racing in Florida by a 42%-35% margin.

There has been a recent push to expand a needle exchange program statewide.  Voters support this program 56%-20%.  Advocates of the program say that it reduces the risk of needle contamination among drug users and law enforcement officers who come into contact with users.  Opponent, however, argue that the program encourages drug use by providing needles.

The tax reform law signed into law recently by the president has seen an uptick in support in Florida.  Support has gone from an underwater 37%-46% to an almost even 37%-39%.  This is similar to the trend we have seen nationwide.

Voters are closely divided on a transgender bathroom ban (voters oppose 41%-39%) and a transgender locker room ban (voters support 41%-38%).  Gay marriage is now supported by a wide 55%-32% margin and gay conversion therapy is opposed 68%-12%.

In light of the #MeToo movement, Gravis Marketing asked voters whether they could support a candidate who has been accused of sexual misconduct.  Only 26% of voters indicate that they could support such a candidate while 74% could not.    Recent Florida Poll 


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