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Who Is Paying For Stormy Daniels Legal Team?


Stormy Daniels is now a household name to most conscious Americans. You can’t turn on the news without hearing her name and the mention of her lawyer, Michael Avenatti. Some may ask themselves, who is paying for Daniels’ lawyers? What is the end game?

  • Daniels Attorney Avenatti took part in more than 150 campaigns in 42 states, including Joe Biden’s U.S. Senate campaign.
  • Daniel Attorney took Part in more than 150 campaigns in 42 states
  • Worked With Vice President Joe Biden
  • Worked With Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Obama’s former chief of staff

Her high-powered attorney, Michael Avenatti’s latest lawsuit against Donald Trump might make your head spin, though it appears it isn’t his first against him, however. The Daily News reported that in 2006, Avenatti settled a different suit with Trump and his producer, Mark Burnett.

It was alleged they’d lifted one of Avenatti’s clients’ ideas for the show “The Apprentice.” The case was filed on behalf of Velocity Entertainment Group and ended with an undisclosed amount in a settlement.

According to Avenatti’s Bio, he’s worked at a political opposition and media firm, The Research Group, run by Rahm Emanuel. Emanuel was later Barack Obama’s White House chief of staff. Avenatti took part in more than 150 campaigns in 42 states, including Joe Biden’s U.S. Senate campaign.

Daniels’ lawyer is clearly one with a record of results in high-powered cases. The question many may ask, however, is why she has gone to so much trouble to hire a “million-dollar lawyer?” What’s her ultimate goal? Who is paying these lawyers?


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  1. Orlando Resident on

    Why is this article on a blog about Orlando politics?

    If we are looking for national news, there are far better sites with far greater resources to handle this. This is not a knock on It’s just true that many national sites are able to do much more related to national news than this site.

    If we are looking for local political news, this used to be the best source. Every since ownership changed, it has gone downhill. Occasionally, I check back to see if I’m missing anything. I see that I am not. Very disappointing that this website that was once a cool site with local flavor is publishing national political news, and news (national and local) that is not political in nature.

  2. I’ve said it all along… Soros/Clinton/Obama machine! And since she’s made a career of doing anything to make a buck, with that kind of financial backing, I’m afraid she may be around for awhile. Here’s to hoping I’m wrong!

  3. thurston foregache on

    Aside from your typos, you didn’t answer the question that some of use conservative minded folks would like to know. This attorney is very expensive. He’s on TV once a day. Who is paying? The DNC, a Soros shill organization, Alfred E. Newman? What do you have?

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