Today's date is August 15, 2022

Orange County Comptroller Fraud Alert Program Announces Open Session


Orange County Comptroller Phil Diamond and his staff, along with Sergeant Bell from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office Economic Crimes Squad, will be presenting the property fraud alert informational session for Tuesday, April 3rd, at 10 AM.  It will be held in the Orange County Commission Chambers, at 201 South Rosalind Avenue in Orlando. This event is free and open to the public.

The informational session will inform Orange County residents how the program helps protect them from fraud by monitoring documents such as liens, deeds, and mortgages that are recorded in the Orange County official records.

By signing up for property fraud alerts, Orange County residents will receive notification by email or telephone whenever a document with their name on it is recorded in Orange County. This early notification can provide valuable time to stop criminals in their tracks. Reviewing property records is an important way for residents to protect themselves from fraud and cybercrime.

For more information, visit and follow the Comptroller’s office on Facebook and Twitter.


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