Today's date is May 22, 2022

Democrats weigh in on Gov. Rick Scott’s run for U.S. Senate 👿


Florida Gov. Rick Scott formally announced his new campaign for the U.S. Senate. He will be challenging Bill Nelson in the upcoming election. Immediately after the announcement, many voices in politics decided to weigh in on the race.

Gwen Graham, a democrat running for governor, released a press release saying Scott will not stand up to Trump in Washington. “Rick Scott was absent from Florida’s schools. Absent after Pulse. Absent when the nursing homes called,” Graham said. “How can we ever expect Rick Scott to stand up to Donald Trump?”

Andrew Gillum, who is running for Tallahassee Mayor, tweeted about the news saying “It’s been a long eight years under Rick Scott — skyrocketing healthcare costs, assault weapon violence, rural communities crumbling, education funding dwindling, and civil rights being denied. Good riddance. Let’s win this one, @NelsonForSenate.”

Chris King, an entrepreneur and democrat running for governor, issued a statement in a press release saying “Rick Scott launching his campaign from Orlando takes some gall –– 612 days passed between the shootings at Pulse and Parkland and Governor Scott did nothing to keep Floridians safe.”

For Our Future Florida, a coalition organization building progressive power with voter engagement in communities, commented on Scott’s run for U.S. Senate, saying “Governor Rick Scott’s tenure in office has been a disaster for working and middle-class Floridians. Year after year Scott has funneled money out of public schools, raided funding for affordable housing programs and refused to expand Medicaid for nearly one million low-income Floridians.”

Anna V. Eskamani, a Democrat running for the Florida House, issued a press release as well, saying “Governor Rick Scott does not care about Florida families, he cares about his own political agenda and major donors. Period.”


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