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2018 Campaign Update: Orange County District 2 Appointment


Patricia Rumph, candidate for District 2 on the Orange County Commission, is attempting to capitalize off of a new appointment to the board. Florida Governor Rick Scott recently appointed Apopka community leader Rod Love to replace the recently departed Bryan Nelson. Nelson was elected Apopka mayor and had to resign his seat on the commission.

Via her Facebook page, Rumph said that Scott made the appointment in haste and that she is the candidate whose voice is needed on the commission. She then asked her supporters to make a financial contribution before the midnight deadline.

Love has said that he doesn’t plan to run for the seat when it comes up for election in August, but he left the decision open. His official comment is that “he did not anticipate any announcement,” which isn’t a direct no.

But if he does decide to run, he’ll have stiff competition. As reported by this website, District 2 is competitive with former commissioner Fred Brummer running, along with Mark Byrd, Orange County School Board member Christine Moore, and Rumph.

She hasn’t raised a lot of money and is trailing far behind the other candidates. Using Love may provide a slight bump to her fundraising numbers but won’t be enough to give her the boost she needs.

There’s still four months before Election Day, which means that there is plenty of time left for anything to happen. In the meantime, Love is the new commissioner for District 2 and has time to help or hurt the other candidates in the race.


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