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2018 Campaign Update: Mayor Jacobs Disappoints In Lackluster Fundraising Report


Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs announced that she was running for chair of the Orange County School board last month, challenging Nancy Robbinson, current school board member representing District 6.

Because Jacobs is a part of the race now, it’s suddenly high profile. So how much did the mayor raise last month?

Jacobs pulled in $33,075 in April, coming in under expectations. As one of the county’s most recognizable politicians, Jacobs is banking on her profile to assist her in raising money. She was recently in the news as she led a charge at the county to expand background checks on all firearm purchases and is preparing to deliver her final State of the County address.

She doesn’t have a problem with raising money, but some insiders were expecting her to pull in closer to $50,000 her first month.

Robbinson, on the other hand, struggled in April. She’s been in the race since November of last year and has raised a good amount of money for a school board race.

In April Robbinson raised just over $4,000. She loaned her campaign $10,000 to bring her total to $106,025. Either her money is starting to slow due to Jacobs’ entrance in the race or she’s drained all of her donors.

Robbinson will have to do better in the coming months to stave off Jacobs’ fundraising prowess and to prove that she can overcome her lack of name recognition.

There are two other candidates in the race, but none has enough money to compete with Jacobs and Robbinson. As of right now, it’s a two-horse race with one candidate trying to stay ahead of the pack.

Next month’s financial reports will prove if Robbinson is able to steady her campaign finances and if Jacobs inches closer to overtaking Robbinson in money raised.


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