Today's date is May 16, 2022

Former Florida Democratic Party Chairs Call for Positive Campaigning


Former Florida Democratic Party Chairs Rod Smith, Karen Thurman, Terrie Brady are calling on Andrew Gillum to stop his negatives attacks against Democratic gubernatorial candidate Gwen Graham.

“This is the type of unethical, disgusting trick we’ve come to expect from Republicans in Tallahassee. To see Andrew Gillum embrace secret-money attacks is disappointing and disqualifies him from earning my support,” said Smith. “If he is truly the progressive Democrat he claims to be, Gillum should immediately call for his secret-money allies to immediately take this ad off the air.”

“We must stand together and unite the Democratic Party. After 20 years of Republican rule in Tallahassee, there’s too much on the line for Democrats to attack each other,” said Thurman. “I am glad that Gwen Graham has continued to run a positive campaign and focus on her progressive record. That is how Democrats win.”

“Democrats running for Governor should be running on their ideas for Florida’s future. They should not be attacking other Democratic candidates. I hope that Mr. Gillum and the other contenders will take a positive approach going forward,” Brady said. ​


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