Today's date is May 19, 2022

Attack ads Directed at Gwen Graham Could Result in Millions in Fines


Prominent Democratic lawyer Mitchell Berger is calling on Andrew Gillum and South Florida TV stations to stop airing a false attack ad against Democratic gubernatorial candidate Gwen Graham that violates Florida election law.

Berger said it is illegal for the federal secret money Super PAC to run the ads without registering as a Florida political committee.

“It is my understanding that The Collective PAC has not registered as a Florida political committee. It appears that the committee is in clear violation of basic requirements of Florida law. By not registering as a Florida political committee, The Collective PAC has sought to block from public view the names and identities of those funding this advertisement.” Berger wrote in a letter to TV stations, Gillum, and the Collective PAC.

According to the Division of Elections, The Collective and Gillum’s campaign violation may result in millions of dollars in fines.

Division of Elections in Opinion l6-10:
Communications that do not meet the definitions of “political advertisement,” “independent expenditure,” “electioneering communication,” or “miscellaneous advertisement” contained in sections 106.011 and 106.1437, Florida Statutes, are not regulated by disclaimer requirements under chapter 106. The expenses incurred to make communications not otherwise regulated under chapter 106 may still be subject to the limits set out in section 106.08 if they meet the definition of contribution” in section 106.011(il(a).


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