Today's date is May 19, 2022

After OPO Article One Orlando Alliance Retracts Offer To Patricia Todd

One Orlando Alliance released the following statement “Today, the Board of the One Orlando Alliance took an emergency vote of confidence regarding Patricia Todd as Executive Director, a role she was assumed to take as of June 1. The board voted unanimously to retract its offer to her and will begin a new search for an Executive Director, effective immediately.”

Todd Article: State Rep. Patricia Todd, D-Birmingham, and the state’s only openly gay lawmaker, rattled Alabama’s political landscape when she posted on Twitter and Facebook that “someone needs to out (Ivey) already…I have heard for years that she is gay.” Al Reports 

Todd also mentioned a “girlfriend” who moved out of the house when Ivey became governor in April 2017. “I am sick of closeted elected officials,” Todd posted on Tuesday.


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