Today's date is October 23, 2021

Brightline passenger rail approved for expansion to Orlando


Brightline, a private rail company, has been approved by Orange County commissioners to lay track in Orange County. They specifically approved a request for a Conservative Area Impact Permit for building a track through a wetland area.

A Conservative Area Impact Permit is required prior to any proposed wetland impacts. Some of these permits require approval by the Orange County Board of County Commissioners, as in this case. Construction for the new project will impact more than 200 acres of wetlands directly.

A few counties are currently suing the company to block expansion into these areas, including Martin and Indian River counties. 40 new miles of track are still needed to complete the expansion to Orlando.

Brightline is a higher-speed rail system operating in Florida. All Aboard Florida is developing the diesel-electric rail system, a wholly owned subsidiary of Florida East Coast Industries.

Brightline will expand from Miami to Orlando International Airport. Orlando International Airport’s Intermodal Terminal facility is the location for the train station. The proposed date of operation for the Orlando area is 2021.


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