Today's date is July 5, 2020

Gillum Investigation


Former Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum has been hit with a subpoena from a federal grand jury. Gillum, who lost the state’s governor’s race to Ron DeSantis by just 30,000 votes last year, is being asked for information on his donors and allies to his campaign. According to the Tampa Bay Times, the FBI has declined to comment on the investigation and grand jury investigations are secret.

Gillum has to give information to a grand jury on an organization he served as president until 2017, a foundation where he was a board member as well as individuals who donated to his campaign. During Gillum’s time on the campaign trail last year, he was followed by whispers and questions about the FBI potentially investigating him while he was mayor of Tallahassee.

He denied that he was the target of the FBI’s ire, and proved right when indictments were returned on other individuals connected to the Tallahassee City Commission. Scott Maddox, a former city commissioner, was charged and connected to mail and wire fraud.

But it seems that the feds were watching him even if their first go round with Gillum wasn’t fruitful. For his part, though, Gillum released a statement saying he will cooperate and followed the law during his campaign.

This comes as Gillum has started his program of registering 1 million voters ahead of the 2020 presidential election. Gillum’s goal is to ensure that Florida turns blue and that Trump is defeated. Registering a bunch of Democrats to vote will help with increasing the lead that Dems have over Republicans in the state, but if they aren’t engaged then it may all be for naught.

It may all be for nothing, too, if the grand jury returns an indictment on Gillum. If so, it will prove to be the be quickest rise and fall of one politician we’ve seen in recent years.

Gillum has turned into a national figure since losing the gubernatorial race, but an indictment is likely to turn out the brightness of that light.


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