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Rick Singh Orange County Property Appraiser Hosts Annual State of Orange County Real Estate Event ~

Rick Singh

Rick Singh Event A Huge Success Touts Advancements in Technology to Bolster Accuracy in Assessments and Expand Customer Service~

Orlando, FL – Announcing the addition of artificial intelligence to the tools used to
serve the citizens of Orange County, Property Appraiser Rick Singh, CFA, delivered the
2019 State of Orange County Real Estate (#SOCRE2019) on Thursday, August 22, 2019.
Singh began by reflecting on the growth of the county since his 2012 election, and
announcing that under his leadership, his office has appraised more than $1.1 trillion in
market value.

Other significant highlights related to the 2019 state of Orange County real estate

• Historic market value of $208.2 billion
• 10.3% increase over 2018 in total market value
• $4.5 billion in new construction – equating to $12.3 million every day
• 6,555 new homes built – 8.6% increase over 2018
• All thirteen municipalities experienced market value growth – more than half
recorded double-digit increases since last year
During Singh’s presentation, he announced that the Orange County Property Appraiser’s
office (OCPA) now has field appraisers who are licensed drone pilots. Drone technology
will allow the field staff to inspect properties in a less invasive manner. Additional
technology on the horizon at OCPA includes utilizing machine learning to analyze aerial
imagery to identify changes to properties, and conversational intelligence in the form of
a “chatbot” to introduce an additional form of communication between the office and
property owners. Long range possibilities include autonomous vehicles helping
appraisers make the best use of their time in the field.

Orange County Property Appraiser Hosts:

Annual State of Orange County Real Estate Event

“I’m really excited about the advent of all forms of artificial intelligence in the appraisal
industry,” said Singh. “Whatever new technology is on the horizon, the Orange County
Property Appraiser’s office will be ready.”

Following his presentation, Singh was joined on stage by a panel of industry experts to
further discuss important issues facing Orange County. Joining Singh on the panel this
year were Dr. Alesia Scott-Ford, the Jacksonville Field Office Director for the U.S.
Department of Housing and Urban Development; Dr. Jason Eichenholz, Co-Founder and
Chief Technology Officer for Luminar Technologies; Fred Kittinger, Senior Associate Vice
President for Government Relations for the University of Central Florida; and Jeff Fagan,
the 2019 Orlando Regional REALTOR® Association (ORRA) President.

Topics discussed during the interactive panel portion of the program included:

• Affordable housing challenges and the impact on our region’s ability to attract
new business and new talent
• Autonomous vehicles as a possible solution to Central Florida’s traffic gridlock
• Housing scarcity and how technological advancements can help residents and
newcomers to Orange County find homes
• Creative Village opening and UCF expanding its presence in Downtown Orlando

Rick Singh

Guest Panelists:

Dr. Alesia Scott-Ford
Jacksonville Field Office Director
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
Dr. Alesia Scott-Ford was appointed to the position of Jacksonville Field Office Director for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development in April 2014. Dr. Scott-Ford is responsible for overseeing the delivery of HUD programs and services across

North Florida as well as evaluating their efficiency and effectiveness to communities and
individuals. Along with the Miami Field Office, she coordinates the department’s
programs across the state. As the Field Office Director, she serves as HUD’s liaison to
mayors, city managers, elected representatives, state and local officials, congressional
delegations, nonprofit groups, private entities; faith-based groups, other stakeholders,
and individual Americans.

Orange County Property Appraiser Hosts
Annual State of Orange County Real Estate Event

Dr. Jason Eichenholz
Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer
Luminar Technologies
Dr. Jason Eichenholz is a serial entrepreneur and pioneer in laser and photonics product
development and commercialization. Over the past twenty-five years, he has led the
development of hundreds of millions of dollars of new photonics and photonic-enabled
products. At Luminar Technologies, he is responsible for research and development,
engineering of new products, and bringing Luminar’s technology to market. Dr.
Eichenholz is a fellow of SPIE – the international society for optics and photonics – and
OSA – the optical society – and holds forty patents on lasers and photonic devices.

Fred Kittinger, Senior Associate Vice President for Government Relations
University of Central Florida

Fred Kittinger is known for bridging the gap between business and government.
Currently the Senior Associate Vice President for Government Relations and Director of
State and Local Government Affairs at the University of Central Florida, he represents
Florida’s largest university to state and local officials. Throughout his career, he has
diligently protected the interests of businesses, education, and city and state
governments. Notably, Kittinger served on the ground floor team during the planning
and approval phase of UCF’s downtown campus to Creative Village.

Jeff Fagan, 2019 Orlando Regional REALTOR® Association (ORRA) President

Jeff Fagan is the 2019 president of the Orlando Regional REALTOR® Association, which
represents more than 15,500 real estate professionals throughout Central Florida. ORRA
is the 8th largest REALTOR® organization in the country. Fagan’s priorities during his
term as president include affordable housing, articulating ORRA’s value to both
members and the public; and expanding services to deliver additional high-quality
member benefits. He transitioned into real estate after a 20-year career in poultry
agribusiness and has held a Florida real estate license since 2001.

Rick Singh, CFA, Orange County Property Appraiser

Rick Singh is the first state-certified appraiser ever elected as Orange County Property
Appraiser (OCPA). He was first voted into office in 2012 and subsequently re-elected in
2016. The hands-on experience he gained proved invaluable as he now oversees the operations and growth of this busy office. Singh’s vision to make OCPA more customer-
focused and user-friendly through greater efficiency means better service delivered at lower costs to residents of Orange County. Not only does he lead an award-winning agency, he was personally recognized last year by the International Association of Assessing Officers with their highest individual honor, the Ian W. McClung International Award, for his dedication to advancing the appraisal profession on an international

About OCPA

The Orange County Property Appraiser’s office (OCPA) provides a fair and equitable tax
roll, remarkable service and superior professionalism. The office also assists taxpayers
with applying for homestead and other exemptions as well as understanding their
Truth-In-Millage (TRIM) Notices each year. Under Rick Singh’s leadership, OCPA has
returned more than $1 billion in value to the tax roll through compliance initiatives. An
award-winning agency, OCPA was recognized in 2019 with a Gold Stevie® Award and
Customer Service Team of the Year by the American Business Awards®, and by the
International Association of Assessing Officers (IAAO) with its prestigious “Certificate of
Excellence in Assessment,” earned by less than 1% of assessment authorities. The
Agency has also been honored by the Center for Digital Government with a 2018
“Digital Government Experience” Award citing its effective online strategies for meeting
constituent needs.


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