Today's date is January 25, 2020

Competition For Seminole County Clerk of Court: Maloy Draws An Opponent


Seminole County Clerk of Court and Comptroller Grant Maloy has drawn an opponent for the 2020 election cycle. Kristina Renteria, Democrat, is a certified public accountant and is running to “safeguard the county’s funds.”

Renteria is a brand-new candidate and does not have a website yet but is likely running to replace Maloy because Seminole County is increasingly turning into a blue county. While saving taxpayers money may win over some voters, party affiliation and numbers will win over the rest.

In 2018 general election, Seminole County went Democrat in a number of high-profile races that many believed Republicans would win. Rick Scott, former Florida governor and current U.S. Senator, beat Bill Nelson statewide last election cycle but lost to him in Seminole County by two percentage points.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis bested Democrat Andrew Gillum by 30,000 votes last election cycle, but Gillum edged DeSantis in Seminole County by just over 3,500 votes. Nikki Fried, Florida’s Commissioner of Agriculture, won statewide and bested Republican Matt Caldwell by close to 2,000 votes.

All wasn’t lost for Republicans, though. They were able to hold on to other key seats in the county, like House Districts 28 and 29, and the state’s chief financial officer and attorney general remained red in Seminole County.

But what happened in Seminole in November of last year is enough for Democrats to eye more seats around the county. Starting with Renteria, the party likely believes Maloy is vulnerable as Republicans have a registration lead of just over 6,000 voters.

Because the election is over a year, Democrats, and Renteria have a lot of time on the clock to decrease the registration lead and make more headway with independent voters.

Maloy’s not waiting around for defeat, though. He’s starting to raise money ($3,750) and is likely to elicit much more now that he has an opponent.


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