Today's date is August 4, 2020

2020 Election Updates


Orange County Property Appraiser Rick Singh is up for reelection in 2020, and he’s already drawn a Democratic challenger. Khalid Muneer filed in August against Singh but he’s off to a slow start. Through the end of November, Muneer raised $7,800 with $4,659 in expenditures.

Singh, in office since 2012, has already shot past $100,000 raised since filing in September. So far, Singh has $114,176 in his campaign account and only spent $1,043. While money isn’t everything in a political campaign, Muneer is going to have to increase his fundraising prowess if he’s going to beat Singh.

Another constitutional officer up for reelection is Orange County Sheriff John Mina. The former City of Orlando Chief of Police is finishing up the term of Jerry Demings, former Orange County Sheriff and current Orange County Mayor. In 2020, Mina is seeking his first full-term as Orange County’s top cop, and like Singh, he’s off to a fast start.

Mina has raised an impressive $175,360 after filing for reelection in February of 2019. Mina has drawn three opponents in Andrew Darling, Joe Lopez, and Eric McIntyre. Darling is running to the left of Mina but that hasn’t translated into donations. So far, Darling has $8,247. The same goes for Lopez and McIntyre. Lopez has been able to raise a decent amount of money, $33,233, but he’s spending it as soon as it comes in. Lopez has just $6,000 remaining in his campaign account.

The other constitutional officer who has filed for reelection is Phil Diamond. No opponent yet, and if he does draw one, that individual will have some catching up to do. Diamond has raised $35,350 and the remaining, clerk of court, tax collector, and supervisor of elections, have yet to file for reelection.

But when each decide to submit their paperwork, more money will begin to pour into their coffers like Singh and Mina.


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