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Orange County Commissioner Race


Orange County Commissioner Mayra Uribe ended 2019 on a high note. Besides being in a peculiar position politically (she’s running for re-election two years after being elected), she has raised $100,000 for her reelection battle and stood up to Universal during this month’s vote on expanding Kirkman Road.

During the December 17 Orange County Board of County Commissioner’s meeting when the vote was held, Uribe said that she couldn’t justify giving $125 million to Universal for a road when so many in her community struggle to make ends meet. Secondarily, Uribe has come out in support of a tenant’s bill of rights that gives more power to renters or those looking for a fresh start.

While her tenure has been short, Uribe is showing herself to be a Commissioner who will stand up for her community.

But that may not be enough to get her through to the next election. Former Orange County Commissioner Pete Clarke is back and is looking to reclaim his old seat. Clarke resigned last year to run for mayor, leaving the last two years of his seat open. Because he didn’t finish out his second term, Clarke is eligible to run again.

Clarke hasn’t made a public announcement, but he filed to run for the seat toward the end of December. During his run for mayor, Clarke ran on a plank of saving the environment and combating human trafficking in Orange County.

This race won’t be at the top of the ballot, but it will be one of the better races to watch in 2020. Clarke will have the ability to raise money and Uribe has already shown her prowess for doing so. But the main question that both candidates will have to answer will be who is the best representative for voters? Uribe has proved that she’s ready and willing to be their voice, and for six years, voters trusted Clarke with their vote at the Commission.

Which candidate will they chose next November?


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