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Dr. Leo Valentin Visits Puerto Rico Following Earthquake, Aids in Dealing with Aftermath


Orlando, FL—On Saturday, Dr. Leo Valentin, Republican candidate for Florida’s 7th congressional district, traveled to Puerto Rico to assess first-hand the damages and to provide medical aid following recent earthquakes, including the 6.0 magnitude earthquake that hit the island that same day.

“After only being back in Puerto Rico for a couple days, the extent of the damage caused by the recent series of quakes is serious, and surprisingly not receiving the attention it deserves from the city governments. I applaud the few elected officials who are taking the situation here seriously, like Senator Rick Scott, and call on Florida’s other elected officials to provide Puerto Rico the resources it needs to recover,” said Dr. Valentin. “I have been more than willing to do everything I can to help fellow Puerto Ricans during this time by providing medical attention at the epicenter of activity and assisting as many patients as possible, but my efforts alone are nowhere near enough. The communities here need serious help.”

Saturday’s quake occurred only four days after a 6.4 magnitude quake shook the same area. Although there were no injuries or deaths reported over the weekend, many residents are without power with ongoing medical needs and are dealing with significant damage to their homes. It should be noted that most health services in the region, including available pharmacies and medical offices, were not operational. Dr. Valentin remains concerned about longer-term impact on these communities’ health status.

Dr. Leo Valentin was born and raised in Puerto Rico. After completing his medical training in the states, Dr. Valentin was involved in managing a hospital in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma & Maria. Dr. Valentin, who practices medicine in Orlando, returned to the island this past weekend to volunteer as a medic along with a group of healthcare professionals that impacted more than 200 patients, including pediatric patients, patients with diabetes, and seniors. Dr. Valentin also delivered supplies to the local school of medicine, Ponce Health Sciences University, which will continue to provide assistance in the local recovery efforts.


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