Today's date is March 31, 2020

Virginia’s House and Senate will Ratify the ERA Today!


A letter from Florida Now states:

During the House and Senate sessions today, January 15th, Virginians will FINALLY see the Equal Rights Amendment hit the floor of both chambers for a debate and vote.

In the Senate the ERA will be read for the third time, debated, and voted. We anticipate the only opposition is likely to come from Senator Chase. We anticipate 3-4 floor speeches from the Democratic caucus in support of the ERA.

In the House of Delegates, a resolution does not need to be read three times. Therefore it is eligible to come to the full House floor for a debate and vote tomorrow.

We anticipate strong, bipartisan support in the Senate today. We are not entirely sure what the Republican support in the House will look like although we expect a minimum of 2-3 Republican yes votes and a maximum in the 5-8 range. All 55 Democrats campaigned on the issue and are expected to vote Yay in the House.


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