Today's date is December 3, 2021

Andrew Gillum: Voting Rights Settlement is a Victory for Florida Voters


Tallahassee, Fla. — The State of Florida finally settled the lawsuit dealing with early voting on college campuses. The settlement ensures that early voting will be allowed on campuses this Presidential election cycle.

In response Andrew Gillum made the following statement:

“This is a huge victory for voters in Florida, especially for the young voters who have the power to decide this election. In 2018, over 60,000 people voted at college campus locations in the two weeks before the election. And overall, young voters, voters of color and voters who did not cast ballots in 2016 disproportionately voted at on-campus voting locations in 2018.

“So while Republicans were trying to disenfranchise youth voters and voters of color with voter suppression tactics that disqualified college campuses, and therefore so many voters, the League of Women Voters and others were fighting back, and it paid off. This is a major win for our democracy.”


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