Today's date is December 2, 2021

Dr. Leo Valentín Releases Statement on Rep. Stephanie Murphy’s Defense of Michael Bloomberg for President


Orlando, FL—Today, Dr. Leo Valentin, Republican congressional candidate for Florida’s 7th district, made the following statement regarding Rep. Stephanie Murphy serving as host of the “Women for Mike” Bloomberg coalition in Orlando.

“Stephanie Murphy’s endorsement and continued support of Michael Bloomberg for President is sad and shameful. I truly wish I could say that I am surprised by her choice of who to throw her support behind, but I’m not,” said Dr. Valentín. “Since being elected, Murphy has become more and more disconnected from the district she claims to represent and her defense of Bloomberg, despite his track record of targeting minorities and discriminating against women, is the ultimate example of that. Rather than fighting on behalf of the struggling families that need her help and earning legitimate results for them, she’s revealed herself as the self-serving politician she’s always been.”

Rep. Murphy announced her endorsement of Michael Bloomberg for the Democratic presidential nomination in mid-January after he had been in the race for less than two months. The endorsement was actually Murphy’s second of the Democratic presidential race, having originally endorsed Rep. Beto O’Rourke last spring.

Since entering the race, Bloomberg has been repeatedly denounced by every other Democratic presidential candidate based on his racist policies as Mayor of New York City and his history of sexual harassment throughout his business career.

“Central Florida deserves a representative in Washington truly fighting for them, not playing political games and horse-trading at the expense of hardworking families. We can’t afford to be let down again by Stephanie Murphy,” continued Dr. Valentín. “Our campaign and the movement we’ve built is about ensuring a brighter future for our communities and draining the DC swamp that has taken advantage of them for too long. The first step in accomplishing both is defeating Stephanie Murphy this November.”

Dr. Leo Valentín continues to separate himself from the field of candidates competing to take on Stephanie Murphy in the general election. Having been chosen as part of the NRCC’s Young Guns program based on his campaign’s fundraising and organization, as well as earning endorsements from community leaders across the district, Dr. Valentín is in a prime position to win the Republican nomination and defeat Stephanie Murphy in the general election. To learn more about the campaign, visit or follow the campaign on Facebook and Twitter.


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