Today's date is July 2, 2020

Biden Campaign Update


Former Vice President Joe Biden has a campaign seemingly on life support. He had a poor showing in Iowa, didn’t do well in New Hampshire and finished a distant second in Nevada.

Biden’s campaign may be on the comeback this weekend, though. He’s leading in the polls in South Carolina and his closest opponent in the state is Bernie Sanders. If Biden can hold on in South Carolina and win Florida, he may regain his front runner status before Super Tuesday arrives. 

Yet Biden hasn’t run a stable campaign. When he announced his candidacy last year, he immediately shot to the top of the polls. But once the debates started, he tumbled and went into a free fall. Sanders has an 11 point national polling average advantage over Biden, and without decisive victories in Florida and South Carolina, it’s hard to imagine a path to victory for Biden.

Unless he’s able to garner the support of one of his friends. Former President Barack Obama has largely remained silent this cycle. Biden says that he asked Obama not to support him, and whether that’s true or not, I don’t think Obama would want to put himself in the position of having to gently nudge Biden out of the race after an endorsement. 

Even still, would an endorsement from Obama be enough to push Biden over the top? Obama is still a wildly popular politician who elicits applause everytime he pokes his head in on Twitter or is seen at a basketball game. Is he willing to use his political capital on his former VP, who may have a dying campaign?

There’s enough meat left on the bone in the Democratic primaries for Biden not to panic but the ratio is getting low. An endorsement from Obama would allow Biden to go back for seconds with voters. 


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