Today's date is September 25, 2020

Sanders Campaign Update


Bernie Sanders has been on a roll lately. He’s won the popular vote in the first three Democratic caucus/primaries and is surging headed into Saturday’s contest in South Carolina. The Independent from Vermont has seemingly taken the country by storm as he easily pulled away from the field in Nevada.

But he’s likely to run into a wall when he swings through Florida. The sunshine state runs conservative, just ask Andrew Gillum. As a matter of fact, Sanders wasn’t a help to Gillum when the former Tallahassee mayor ran for governor in 2018. 

So how can Sanders win Florida or at least have a respectable showing? Well, not talking about Castro is one way. The two-time presidential candidate got caught up this past week when he praised Fidel Castro for improving the country’s literacy rate. 

Sanders has also been tagged as a communist and socialist, and both words are deal breakers for many voters in South Florida. 

And lastly, Sanders hasn’t been able to get around “giveaways.” He wants to give people a bunch of free stuff for nothing and has no way to pay for it. 

Everything isn’t so bad for Sanders, though. He’s polling in second or third in Florida, depending on the poll. If he can finish second to former Vice President Joe Biden, then the self-proclaimed Democratic Socialist has a real shot at winning the nomination. 

If that happens (Sanders winning the Democratic nomination), then one has to wonder what the Democratic Party will do to shift its strategy for the general election. Will they admit that Sanders has successfully taken over the party or will they fight him until the end?

Maybe we’ll find out on March 17 when Florida has its turn in the spotlight.


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