Today's date is December 5, 2022

Orange County May Extend Stay-At_Home Order


Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings told the Orlando Sentinel that he’s likely to extend the county’s stay-at-home order once the original one expires. 

Demings used more forceful language when talking about steps he’s taking to slow the spread of the virus. While Demings may not know what the new order looks like right now, its likely to include sharper measures to curb social activity. 

Orange County Sheriff John Mina hasn’t arrested or fined anyone who has violated the order but sheriff deputies have broken up a party and shutdown a non-essential business.

Demings may have to revisit the amount of businesses that are considered essential as well. With so many companies remaining open during the stay-at-home order, it’s causing a lot of activity on the roads. 

But if so many activities are considered essential, how does the mayor approach narrowing the new order?

Also–should the mayor implement mandatory social distancing policies for grocery stores? If so, should that policy include allowing a maximum number of people in the store at one time?

Like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, Demings is faced with a number of tough decisions. Mainly, how does he handle the area’s fragile and declining economy while also keeping the residents he’s responsible safe?

It’s a tough spot, and one he’s having to navigate daily. With news of new coronavirus cases emerging daily, Demings’ choices of controlling the virus are getting slim. 

What does he do independent of a forced confinement of the public?

Maybe that’s his only choice to save the public from itself or maybe he’s awaiting the governor to make his choice easier by locking the state down.


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