Today's date is November 25, 2020

Good Releases Digital Memorial Day Ad Honoring Frontline Workers


Sarasota, FL – Democratic Candidate for Florida’s 16th Congressional District Margaret Good yesterday released a Memorial Day Digital ad honoring workers who have been on the front lines of the COVID-19 crisis.

“Sacrifice is something we’ve heard a lot about recently, and to me, what sacrifice means is being willing to put others before yourself. It’s something we’ve seen every day during this crisis,” says Good in her ad.

Good’s ad pays tribute to military veterans and their families, including her uncle who gave his life serving in Vietnam.

“On this Memorial Day, sacrifice reminds me of my uncle Hugh who died in Vietnam before I was born. He put serving our country in the army before his own future. And on days like today we thank all the women and men who put us first and all the families who sacrificed so that the crisis the country faced at that time wouldn’t be our last.”

The ad will run on digital platforms over Memorial Day weekend and will be targeted to voters in Florida’s 16th Congressional District.


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