Today's date is August 11, 2020

Dr. Leo Valentín Launches Introductory Ad Campaign in FL-07


Orlando, FL—The Dr. Leo Valentín for Congress campaign today launched a series of introductory ads in Florida’s 7th Congressional District. The series kicks off by highlighting Dr. Valentín’s background as both a CEO and physician ready fight the career politicians in the D.C. swamp and get real results for Central Florida.

Another spot details that in the midst of a devastating pandemic, Dr. Valentín’s experience as CEO of a hospital and physician give him unique understanding of how health care and the economy are connected, and how to get America back to work. The ads will run on multiple digital platforms.

The four individual spots can be viewed below.

View “Dr Leo Valentín” here.

I’m Dr. Leo Valentín, as a physician and CEO of a hospital, I’ll use that experience to fight the career politicians in the DC Swamp.  So we can recover and grow our economy and get real results for Central Florida.

View “Connect” here.

We’re experiencing a devastating pandemic that is crushing our economy.  As a physician and CEO of a hospital, I have direct experience of how health care and the economy are connected.  I’m Dr. Leo Valentín, join me and let’s take on the DC swamp and get America back to work.

View “Stand” here.

I’m Dr. Leo Valentín, I stand with President Trump to take on the career politicians and drain the swamp.

View “Conservative” here.

I’m Dr. Leo Valentín, I will always protect the unborn, our 2nd Amendment and will stand with President Trump’s America First agenda.

About Dr. Leo Valentín

Dr. Leonardo Valentín is part of a new generation of Republican leaders who will bring innovation and a fresh perspective to Congress. Through his upbringing and career as a physician, he has learned the importance of promoting local economies, strengthening our communities, making quality healthcare affordable, and protecting hard-working families.

Dr. Valentín owns and operates a diagnostic radiology practice in Orlando, Florida. Before this, he served as President and CEO of Professional Hospital in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico.

After growing up in Puerto Rico, he studied Computer Science at the University of Miami and went on to earn his M.D. at Ponce School of Medicine. From there, he continued his education at Cornell’s New York Presbyterian Hospital and the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas. He then specialized in Vascular and Interventional Radiology at Harvard Medical School, Mass. General Hospital in Boston.

After completing his subspecialty training, Dr. Valentín went on to NVIDIA Corporation, serving as a Global Healthcare Alliance Manager, where he designed business strategies for establishing partnerships with healthcare leaders and institutions, as well as advising regulatory agencies like the FDA on ways to increase assurance of product quality.

Dr. Valentín lives in Orlando, Florida with his wife Kayla—in the community where their 1-year-old son, Leonardo Jr, was born.

To learn more about the campaign, please visit and follow on Facebookand Twitter.


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