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The Florida Realtors Association and their affiliated Orlando Regional Realtor Association, have endorsed Samuel Vilchez Santiago for Florida House District 48, hailing him as the “right choice” for Florida homeowners. Both organizations have been decades-long advocates for Florida’s homeowners, spearheading legislation in the Florida House to increase housing trust funds, support affordable housing projects, and protect our environment and water quality for all.


Speaking on behalf of the Florida Realtors, board committee chair Tim Weisheyer wrote, “the difficulties brought on by the global pandemic make it clearer than ever that having the right people in government is essential to ensuring public safety and protecting the basic functions of society.” Recognizing the slate of other candidates the board announced endorsements for, Weisheyer also noted, candidates like Vilchez Santiago “are the right choice to fulfill those responsibilities and [we]look forward to supporting them in the upcoming election.”


In response, Vilchez Santiago said, “ensuring that the housing market is affordable for all is essential to supporting working families in my district. Throughout American history, homeownership has been the key to building inter-generational wealth. I am honored to receive the endorsement of the Florida Realtors Association, and look forward to fighting alongside them to fully fund the Sadowski Fund for Affordable Housing, protecting Florida’s environment, and innovating in the housing market through novel ideas such as building tiny homes.”


Vilchez Santiago has also been endorsed by the IUPAT, Florida’s preeminent construction trades union, Representative Carlos Guillermo Smith, School Board Member Johanna López and Soil and Water Supervisor and President of the Democratic Black Caucus, Dawn Curtis. He was also recently named a gun sense candidate by Moms Demand Action.


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