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Orange County School Board Race


Usually races for the Orange County School Board are innocuous. There can be drama, as there is with any political race, but school board is fairly tame. There aren’t truckloads of money dumped into school board races, except for the race for chair, and many candidates can win with less than $10,000.

That’s still the case for school board races in Orange County this year except for the race in District 5. Soon-to-be former state Representative Bruce Antone is running to replace Kat Gordon, a member of the Orange County School Board for 20 years. She’s retiring and that makes the seat she occupied open for new candidates.

In addition to Antone is Michael Scott, a now three-time candidate seeking to replace Gordon, and Vicki Felder, a former school teacher who has run for office in the past as well.

What makes this race so interesting isn’t the money, the names involved or the district. It’s the law that sends this race to the top of the list for many political insiders in the county.

Scott has filed a lawsuit against Antone claiming that the state representative doesn’t live in the district he’s running to represent. Scott filed the lawsuit a week ago and is seeking to have Antone removed from the ballot. In addition to Antone, Orange County Supervisor of Elections Bill Cowles is named as a defendant for allowing Antone to qualify when his paperwork’s address is listed in another school board district.

The attorneys representing Scott wrote in the lawsuit that Antone changed his voter registration address after the county’s qualifying period was over to an address in District 5 but it is to the home of a member of his campaign staff.

Talk about saucy.

Antone hasn’t publicly commented on the lawsuit since it was filed and remains on the ballot as of press time for this article.


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