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ICYMI: Palm Beach Post: Democrats Blast Trump Payroll Tax Pledge

On Saturday, Donald Trump signed an executive order deferring payroll taxes, saying, “If I’m victorious on November 3rd, I plan to forgive these taxes and make permanent cuts to the payroll tax…If I win, I may extend and terminate. In other words, I’ll extend it beyond the end of the year and terminate the tax, so we’ll see what happens.”
The payroll tax funds Social Security, an entitlement program that helps more than 4.7 million Florida residents stay afloat and contributes $107.8 billion to our state economy.
By Antonio Fins
  • “Democrats on Sunday ratcheted up their assertion that President Trump’s order to suspend payroll taxes will “defund” Social Security without offering relief to millions of unemployed Americans.”
  • “‘Amid yesterday’s train wreck of neglect, Trump still manages to needlessly imperil seniors’ Social Security and Medicare benefits,’ said U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Weston, in a statement.”
  • “‘The American people desperately need relief,’ tweeted U.S. Rep. Val Demings, D-Orlando. ‘Instead, the president decided to defund Social Security and Medicare.’”
  • “Deutch added: ‘The road to the White House runs through Florida and Donald Trump is about to hit a wall of angry senior voters who have just had enough.’”
  • “Indeed, Americans over the age of 65 traditionally vote at a much higher rate — 70% — than voters in younger age groups. And they are a sizeable portion of the Sunshine State’s demographics. A 2018 report by the Florida Department of Elder Affairs says Floridians age 65 and older accounted for 20% of the state’s population.”
  • “But a Quinnipiac University poll of Florida voters released last month showed Biden leading Trump by three points, 49% to 46%, among older voters. The poll said 80% of people over the age of 65 were paying “a lot” of attention to the presidential race.”
  • “But since the taxes are applied to paychecks, economists have uniformly said it would provide no help the close to 50 million unemployed Americans. At most, it would provide a a small boost for those workers still holding a job, they have said.”
  • “Trump’s Democratic rival, former Vice President Joe Biden, said the president’s actions put ‘Social Security at grave risk at a time when seniors are suffering the overwhelming impact of a pandemic he has failed to get under control.’”

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