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Nicole Wilson Pushes Plan That Could Hurt Jobs


Special interest lawyer Nicole Wilson is determined to whip up liberal extremists to secure an Orange County Commission District 1 seat. If successful, she would scuttle necessary infrastructure projects and cost residents good-paying job opportunities.

At a time when Floridians are struggling to retain full-time work due to the pandemic, reactionaries like Wilson are commodities that working families simply cannot afford. Although she has gone on the record stating that she had no previous aspirations for office, her record of political activism points to another agenda. Wilson helped spearhead the “Rights of Nature” movement that puts decision-making powers into the hands of a small number of lawyers. The basic premise is that a lawyer could file on behalf of a waterbody and stop businesses, road building and even landscaping, not to mention vital projects.

She brokered a backroom deal to upend the Osceola Parkway extension by working with fellow liberal progressives to push through a charter amendment giving Rights of Nature advocates supremacy over state and federal bodies. State lawmakers discovered the tyranny-of-the-minority strategy and amended one of the state’s most balanced environmental achievements — the Clean Waterways Act — before it reached the desk of Gov. Ron DeSantis.

Spring Hill Republican Rep. Blaise Ingoglia was one of many lawmakers who rejects the Rights of Nature fad and ability of local liberals to hold necessary developments hostage.

“This will be chaos and will damage our tremendous economy,” Rep. Ingoglia reportedly said. “We are stopping local cities and counties from doing something that will hurt business, the taxpayers, the tax base. You don’t need a good reason to fight bad policy other than it’s just bad policy.”

After changes were made to prevent a left-wing takeover in Orange County, the legislation sailed through committee and both houses. The governor overwhelmingly supported the process and final piece of legislation that delivers powerful environmental protections.

“Our children and future generations serve as a stark reminder of what’s at stake when discussing the importance of creating a clean, healthy, and stable environmental foundation for their future,” Gov. DeSantis reportedly said. “We have seen overwhelming support in our efforts to protect and conserve our waterways and natural resources, and while there is still plenty of work to be done, I look forward to building upon our recent successes.”

What Wilson and her fringe element are attempting is a complete and total power-grab that removes any semblance of Democracy. Based on the data coming out of other Rights of Nature candidates, Floridians appear to want no part of it.

In Clearwater, Elizabeth Drayer reportedly campaigned on the Rights of Nature platform and lost, badly. Upwards of 75 percent of voters rejected her overzealous policies. If the state is to regain the robust economy and balanced natural landscape protections everyday Floridians enjoyed before the economic disruption, voters would be well served to lean on scientific authorities, not partisan radicals. The state’s chief science officer, Dr. Tom Frazer, fully endorsed the properly amended Clean Waterways Act that Wilson wanted to stop.

“We have an incredible opportunity, through our collective action, to demonstrate to other states in our country and other nations around the world that sound stewardship of natural resources and sustained economic prosperity go hand in hand,” Dr. Frazer reportedly said. “The passage of the Clean Waterways Act and its signing today by the Governor is a demonstrable pledge by the leaders of our state that clean water is a top priority. That bodes well for Florida’s future.”

As a private citizen, Wilson amassed a track record of negotiating behind the scenes to overturn the decisions of voters. If given a seat on the Orange County Commission, the concerns of fair-minded residents would be silenced. A small group of radicals will damage the livelihoods of our families, purge future job opportunities, and align this country with the extremist narrative that divides too many. Orange County needs responsible leadership, not radicalism. That’s what’s at stake in Tuesday’s election.


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