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Gravis Client Bob Dallari Wins His Race By 20%


Bob Dallari successfully fended off his contender, Matt Morgan, in the District 1 Commissioner race in Seminole County on Tuesday, August 18. In doing so, he moved one step closer to securing his fifth term. Dallari had a strong lead of 60 percent of the votes over his opponent who is the mayor of Longwood and a former WWE professional wrestler.

Though Dallari has held the role of Seminole County Commissioner since 2004, he was considered the underdog during this election. He drew the ire of a developer whose mega project was slated for erection within the county’s rural boundaries. The development was poised to move the rural boundary before the county’s commissioners rejected it in August 2018.

Partnering with a Winner

The developer, contributed a sizable sum to a committee that has connections to a group that funded ads against Dallari. With the odds stacked against Dallari, he knew that he had to form a partnership with a strong and experienced public relations firm. By choosing a PR company with expertise in political campaigns, Dallari was confident that voters in Seminole County would realize that he is the ideal candidate to protect their interests.

Gravis Marketing’s Tools Assisted Dallari in his Victory.


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