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PORT ORANGE – On Wednesday, September 30th, Senator Tom A. Wright (R-New Smyrna Beach) accepted the Senate Champion of the Year award from Small business Pharmacies Aligned for Reform (SPAR). This award is among the first presented by SPAR, an organization dedicated to lower the cost of prescription drug prices and protect Florida pharmacy owners from bad actors within the prescription drug supply chain.

“I am very passionate about this issue because the patient gets left out of the conversation far too often, and we need to ensure that their medicine is affordable, and their local pharmacy is accessible,” said Sen. Wright.  “I am honored to accept this award and thank my legislative colleagues for helping tackle this issue of growing importance.”

Since being elected to the Florida Senate in 2018, Senator Wright has made it a priority to identify ways to reduce prescription drug prices in Florida.  In the 2020 Legislative Session, he filed Senate Bill 1338: Prescription Drug Coverage in an effort to even the playing field among some of the drug supply chain’s most influential parties.  SB 1338 also aimed to alleviate burdens on Florida’s independent pharmacy owners that have been adversely affected by pharmacy benefit managers, positioned in the top echelons of Florida’s drug supply chain.

“Independent pharmacists in Florida have been taken advantage of by bad actors for years, and can no longer absorb the losses they continue to incur,” said Sen. Wright.  “Many of our independent pharmacists have found themselves in a grim position not just due to the recent struggles brought on by COVID-19, but because they are forced to negotiate with minimally regulated entities, while lacking any kind of protection to be able to operate their business without the fear of losing everything.”


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