Today's date is December 5, 2022

Georgia On Our Minds


Today is a big day for Georgia and an even bigger day for the country.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, today is the day Georgia holds its Senate runoff election and the outcome could change the course of our country.

Two seats will determine whether the Senate remains red or switches over to blue. The races are tight, once again illuminating the stark reality of America’s deep political divide.

The turnout is enormous. In fact, it has already shattered records. The last record was held in 2008 with nearly 3.9 million votes. 3 million votes have already been cast by election day. Despite the enormous turnout, the election can go either way. Republicans are hoping voters will turn out despite unsubstantiated allegations from President Trump regarding the presidential election in November. The concern is if republican voters believe the election is truly rigged, then why bother to vote?

Democrats, on the other hand, are banking on the momentum seen in the presidential election which went to President Elect Joe Biden, however as with all things, energy fades. We will soon know if that is the case here.

Today is a nail biter for sure. The expectation is that the election will be close and election supervisors will work diligently to ensure the accuracy of this election.


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