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Heather Ashby runs for Orange County school board


Heather Ashby officially announces the creation of an election campaign to represent District 2 on the Orange County School Board.
Orlando, FL– Twenty-five-year educator Heather Ashby is proud to officially announce the launching of her campaign to represent her community, District 2, on the Orange County School Board. The current seat is held by Johanna Lopez, who is running for the Florida Legislature this year.
Heather started her education career directly after graduating from Florida State University in 1997. Her first decade in education was as a classroom teacher in Seminole County. After earning her Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling and Marriage and Family Counseling. Heather moved to Orange County where she has served her community as a school counselor. From this experience, Heather notes that she, “Looks at a situation involving a student or a district/ school policy and asks, ‘What is best for the student’. I know the right answer is not always the easiest. I rely on my experience to make important decisions and listen to other people’s perspectives.”

As a school counselor, parent of OCPS graduates, and member of various community education boards, Heather feels that her experience and insight would help steer OCPS through the unknown AND known challenges that lie ahead including:

  • A critical teacher shortage which exists now with no change in sight due to current laws and policies
  • Ensuring an inclusive and safe learning environment for all students regardless of age, gender, race, ethnicity, religion, gender identity, and sexual identity
  • Providing safe educational environments for students
  • Preparing students to enter Central Florida’s workforce
  • Addressing the shortage of mental health professionals to assist students through the
    challenges of today’s world
  • Oversized caseloads of school counselors countywide who provide academic, mental,
    and future career support for all students, with most schools at twice or three times the recommended levels of the American School Counseling Association
    As a result of the required redistricting, District 2 encompasses areas primarily in the eastern and central areas of Orange County. This district includes approximately 27 schools, including Colonial and Lake Nona High Schools.
    Heather Ashby graduated from Lake Howell HS, Florida State University, and Barry University. She has twin daughters who graduated from Timber Creek HS, and are finalizing their undergraduate and post-graduate degrees. Heather currently lives in the Lake Nona area with her husband Sean who is also a 20 year educator in OCPS.
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    For more information on Heather’s campaign, please go to:

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