Today's date is January 28, 2023

Georgia Poll Results


Gov. Brian P. Kemp is leading former senator David A. Perdue Jr. with 57 percent of support compared to 27 percent for his challenger, endorsed by former President Donald J. Trump, according to The Star News Network-Kaplan Strategies poll of 431 likely Georgia Republican primary voters, conducted May 7 through May 13.

“Kemp’s strength this close to the May 24 primary is stunning, and it is nearly certain he will win the Republican nomination,” said Doug Kaplan, the founder and president of the Florida-based firm that executed the poll. The poll carries a 4.7 percent margin of error.

“The governor’s lead over Perdue is consistent across different demographics, such as gender, with Kemp leading Perdue 57 percent to 26 percent with women and 57 percent to 28 percent with men,” Kaplan said.

“The Trump factor is muddled, but it is clear Kemp made his case to pro-life voters and supporters of gun rights,” he said.

“Among voters who have a gun in their household, Kemp is the choice of 61 percent to Perdue’s 27 percent,” he said. “Among respondents who want to restrict abortion rights, Kemp is the choice of 57 percent to Perdue’s 28 percent.”



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