Scott holds GOTV Rally with supporters in South Orlando

Florida Governor Rick Scott was in Orlando this afternoon, rallying with supporters as we head into the homestretch of one of the most competitive races in the country, and of these mid-term elections.

Along with First Lady Ann Scott, the Governor reflected on their marriage, his family, and what this election was really about…

“If there’s no jobs there’s no future. I learned that as a child. I watched the only family car we had get repossessed. My mom told me ‘if you work hard, and study hard anything is possible’ and I married a wonderful person who believed the same way and we’ve lived the dream of America. I tell people, we’ve got 10 days, it’s not about me, it’s not about Charlie Crist. It’s about you. Vote for your families”

State Senator Kelli Stargel (R-Lakeland) was on hand to support Scott. She served with Scott’s predecessor and opponent during her early years in office, and compared the two during their time in office.

“I served with this man (Scott), and I can tell you he is a leader. He sets the agenda. He said we need to take away the sales tax on manufacturing equipment. We did. He came to us and told us, we need to give teachers a raise and we did. He said we need to give these teachers a debit card, they’re spending their own money. We did. Having worked with both, I can tell you this man is a leader who cares about this state. He knows what it’s like to be a parent. He knows what it’s like to pay a mortgage. That’s why I’m a 150% into making sure we get Governor Rick Scott reelected”

Even after the millions spent by both sides and a series of controversial and heated debates, the race is going to go down to the wire with both candidates barnstorming through Florida to get their voters to the polls. Crist will be holding events in the area later in the evening.

OPO spoke to State Representative Eric Eisnaugle (R-Gotha) who was on hand and also spoke in support of the Governor. Like Stargel he served in the legislature with both candidates.

“The difference is clear. Charlie Crist was the silent Governor. He didn’t make a decision until he saw a poll and that’s the truth. Florida needs leadership. We’re not going to prosper with someone who just reads polling. We can’t afford to stop” and added this about Scott “He wakes up everyday and looks for ways to bring jobs to Florida. This is what he does everyday. He grows our economy and puts Floridians back to work. It’s working and we’re on the move, and we’ve got to keep it going for the next four years”

Below are some pictures from the event…………

Governor Scott with First Lady Ann Scott

Governor Scott with First Lady Ann Scott

State Senator Kelli Stargel

State Senator Kelli Stargel

State Rep. Eric Eisnaugle

State Rep. Eric Eisnaugle

The Governor preparing to introduce the First Lady

The Governor preparing to introduce the First Lady

Atwater Scott 068

CFO Atwater rallies with supporters in Kissimmee

Florida’s Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater was in Kissimmee this morning rallying with supporters for reelection. Heavily favored in his own race, Atwater took the opportunity to thank volunteers for their support and stressed the importance of helping Rick Scott get reelected in the too close to call Governor’s race.

State Representative Mike LaRosa (R-St. Cloud) was on hand to support Atwater and had this to say about getting out the vote….

“I’ll get on the phone and start calling people and they’ll tell me ‘this is the first time I’ve had an elected official on the line. I’m going to make sure I get out and vote, whether it’s absentee, early voting or on election day.’ Guys, I can’t tell you how inspiring that is. All we have to do is ask. Our values are the right values that are going to make our state better, and make the country better than it already is. Make that personal contact. And you know what, we’re going to wake up on November 5th and say ‘we did it'”

Atwater was grateful for his volunteers saying…

“Most people are relaxing, getting in a round of golf. They’re able to take in a quiet day. Look at us. People would say we’re crazy. Give them that. We’re crazy about this country. We’re crazy to recognize that there is only one place on earth where the founders can come together and design a structure that if we believe in the god given talent of every individual, they’ll go out and create and build, and inspire us, and they would in fact design the very things that would create a quality of life for all humanity and the common good”

The CFO also had a few jabs and laughs at former Governor and Republican turned Democrat Charlie Crist, who’s challenging Scott in the ultra-competitive nationally watched race….

“We have a gentlemen running for Governor now, we have one who had the job and in our worst hour, he thought he could better serve us in the Senate. In our darkest hour. Chose not to run for reelection to help us but thought ‘If i could win that race I’ll be in office for the rest of my life.’ and he left us. How could a person walk in a moment like that?”

He continues…

“You know when most people have a mid-life crisis, they go buy a convertible. This guy has a mid-life crisis and he is the convertible. He says he became an independent because the party left him. He became an independent because Marco Rubio was kicking his rear end.”

Atwater face Democrat William Rankin, who’s campaign has not had a presence in Central Florida.

Below are some pictures from the event…

Rep. Mike LaRosa was on hand to support Atwater

Rep. Mike LaRosa was on hand to support Atwater

CFO Atwater addressing supporters

CFO Atwater addressing supporters

Atwater Scott 026

Saturday Morning Political Headlines: Scott, Crist, Atwater all in Orlando Today

It’s the weekend but Candidates and Operatives (and me) won’t see much rest this weekend.

The I4 Corridor will be the center of the political universe in Florida with both gubernatorial candidates and cabinet members swinging through Orlando and Tampa this weekend in their final sprint to the finish in less than two weeks.

Governor Rick Scott and his predecessor Charlie Crist will both be in Orlando today getting out the vote and Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater will be meeting with supporters in Kissimmee.

Tomorrow, “Calle Orange” the big Hispanic Festival will fill up Orange Avenue and at least a dozen elected officials are expected to attend.

Things are getting kinda exciting. Have a great Saturday guys…

Here are you headlines:

CF News 13: Charlie Crist, Gov. Scott stopping in Orlando Saturday

WKMG Local 6:

Vandal busts Palm Bay City Council candidate’s car windshield

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

DeBary candidate faces illegal recording charge after spat with city worker

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

WFTV 9 Eyewitness News:

Mount Dora businesses want city to delay downtown construction project

WESH 2: President Obama hugs Ebola-free nurse

WOFL FOX 35: Fla. Gov. skips testifying in records lawsuit

FOX 35 News Orlando

Orlando Sentinel: Bondi: No marriage for gay couples until legal battle plays out

Osceola Dems file complaint against Attkisson for mailer they say is misleading

Osceola Democrats have filed a complaint against County Commissioner Frank Attkisson with the Florida Elections Committee for a mailer they believe is misleading voters of the Commissioner’s party affiliation.

The mailer features Attkisson under the heading “Bringing Jobs to Osceola” along with a positive heading from the Orlando Sentinel. It’s the legal verbage at the bottom of the mailer that is the foundation for the complaint.

The release from Nancy Smith, Vice-Chairperson of the Osceola Democrats,

The complaint was filed because the Attkisson campaign published a mailer which abbreviated the word Republican in the disclaimer as “Rep.” As a professional politician and former state lawmaker, Attkisson knows this vague description is strictly prohibited. More importantly, he knows that “Rep.” might be just enough to confuse voters about who he is, and hide his Republican politics.

Smith herself goes on to say..

“Campaigns must be conducted in a legal manner, and Attkisson broke the law. When campaigns break the law, it’s usually because they’re scared of losing. Attkisson lives in a Democratic-leaning district, and now he’s trying to hide the fact that he’s a Republican.”

OPO spoke with Attkisson and he says..

“I’ve always been upfront with voters. If I put anything out there it’s going to be factual and if this is the best they’ve coming from a candidate who’s being supported by a elections consultant who’s got felony convictions, bring it on.” he closes “This is unfortunate. This race should be about the real issues. It should be about about taxes, because they’ve got a a Candidate who is pro-tax”

Attkisson face Democrat Cheryl Grieb and NPA Nelson Perez in the District 4 contest.

UPDATE: The Attkisson campaign added that the State Campaign and Treasurer Handbook does offer examples where the abbreviation used is allowed.


You can see the mailer in question below…

atkinson mailer

Orange County Tax Collector partners with Parents and AAA for Teen Driver Safety Event

Orange County Tax Collector Scott Randolph will be partnering with The Parent’s Supervised Driving Program and AAA to Host Teen Driver Safety Event on Tuesday at Ocoee High School.

His office sent out this advisory earlier today..

“To end National Teen Driver Safety week, the Orange County Tax Collector’s office will host a safety awareness event at Ocoee High School along with The Parent’s Supervised Driving Program and AAA’s Auto Club Group Traffic Safety Foundation to educate teen drivers on the dangers associated with distracted driving. AAA will host a distracted driving simulator to demonstrate the effects of driving while distracted and the The Parent’s Supervised Driving Program, sponsored by Ford Motor Company, will distribute their guidebooks, a free sophisticated and researched tool to optimize the 50 hours of required supervised driving for all Florida teens. All teens obtaining a learner’s license at our office will be given a guidebook.”

Duties former handled by the Department of Motor Vehicles have been consolidated into the Tax Collectors Offices, where most of these teens will eventually take their Driver’s test. Simulators have become more involved in the Driver’s education to raise awareness of the dangers of texting while driving and will possibly replace the traditional driver’s test altogether.

student driver