Former Candidate Rumph, endorses Moore in Orange Commission District 2 Race

Corrections official and former Candidate for Orange County Commission District 2, Patricia Rumph, has endorsed Eatonville Vice-Mayor Alvin Moore in the runoff to replace termed out incumbent Fred Brummer.

“I think Alvin will be the best person to meet the needs of all the residents in District 2.” Rumph said, “I have seen his efforts to provide activities for children and reduce crime in Eatonville, we need that throughout the District. I have gotten to observe him over this past year and know he is ready to lead and will restore and protect our neighborhoods.”

Rumph was lauded at the end of the primary last month, when she came just a few dozen votes short of making the runoff herself, despite spending a fraction of the other candidates in the race.

Moore was grateful for Rumph’s support and also praised her in his release…

“Ms. Rumph is a class act, she offered me her congratulations for moving forward to the runoff.” Vice Mayor Moore said, “Last week we met and had a chance to discuss issues that we both thought were important to the voters in District 2. After sharing her concerns Ms. Rumph offered her support going forward. Ms. Rumph always conducted her campaign in a professional manner and raised issues important to residents in District 2. I admire her career with the Department of Corrections, we need people who are willing to do the tough jobs and give back to our community.” he closes “In an election where women won every local race or went on to a November run-off except in District 2, I am honored to have the support of Ms. Rumph. I respect the power of women voters because my mother, mother-in-law and wife(who runs my business) wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Moore faces State Representative Bryan Nelson for the seat that consists of Apopka, Ocoee, and Pine Hills.

Rumph has endorsed Moore in the Orange D2 runoff

Rumph has endorsed her former rival in the Orange D2 runoff

Ann Scott takes center stage in Governor’s race with “Believe” Ad

Florida First Lady Ann Scott is featured in Governor Rick Scott‘s latest campaign ad for his reelection bid.

The ad title “Believe” is narrated by Ann, as the couple walks on the beach. She talks about their story, from Scott’s time in the Navy, to building a business, to ultimately leading the state. Here is script..

“My walk with Rick started in High School. We held on and never let go. We started with nothing. Did a tour in the Navy. College with the GI Bill. Started a career and built a business. We always believe that hard work and a little luck could pave our way. We have to make it possible for this generation to believe. To have a job, to have an opportunity, to believe in themselves, Rick believes in Florida and Florida can count on Rick”

The ad’s focus on Ann Scott, aims to bring the first family’s warmth to the campaign. During his first run, it was Rick Scott’s mother, Esther, who was featured in a well received ad, that connected voters to the Governor’s life outside of politics.

Scott faces his predecessor and Republican turned Democrat Charlie Crist, this November in the country’s most watched Governor’s race.

You can watch the commercial below..

Video: Watch Charlie Crist interview with the Sentinel Op-Ed Board

The Orlando Sentinel Op-Ed Board gives the toughest interviews in town every election year. Candidates are invited to interview before members of the Op-Ed team and a videographer. It’s an environment very similar to a deposition, and there are follow-up questions on top of follow up questions. It’s a real test of the candidate’s vision and poise in stressful situations.

If there is anyone that would have a lot to explain to the Sentinel board, it would be former Governor Charlie Crist. There are so many subplots involved with his candidacy, his past with the GOP, his pitch to replace his predecessor Rick Scott, and so much more. Crist handles the 42 minute interview with little difficulty. After running for 8 months, he’s probably heard it all.

Take a watch below…

Orange County Clerk to hold Town Hall in Winter Garden

Orange County Clerk of Court Eddie Fernandez will be holding a town hall meeting, Monday in the City of Winter Garden.

Here is a description of the event..

“Come enjoy a special opportunity to hear Clerk Eddie Fernandez discuss the role of the the Clerk’s office, the services it offers, and how we interact with the Citizens of Orange County.

The Clerk of Courts Office would like to welcome all West Orange County residents to attend and participate in this forum”

Since taking office last year, Fernandez has helped the Department of Law Enforcement recover $300,000 dollars of severance pay, that was illegally taken by a pair of employees before he arrived, launched a program to help Orange residents recover unclaimed checks at the Clerk’s office, and improved customer service both online and at the various branches in the county.

You can read more about the event below…

clerk townhall

Wednesday Morning Political Headlines: Red Light Camera Drama in Ocoee, Homeless problem in Seminole

Mid-week. Here we go.

The ongoing over red light cameras is what everyone is talking about this morning. This time in the city of Ocoee, where longtime Mayor Scott Vadergriff is continuing the use of the controversial devices. All of the pros and cons in this discussion are the same we’ve heard in other areas in Central Florida, such as Clermont, where the cameras have gone down, to Osceola County where more are going up. It’s an argument over whether they actually improve public safety, or whether their just revenue generators for municipalities.

The Sentinel also printed a story of enforcing restriction against panhandlers in Seminole County. What was an issue that use to be confined to downtown Orlando has now become a discussion in Central Florida “Natural Choice” community.

These stories lead your Wednesday Morning Political Headlines:

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Ocoee renews contract for red-light cameras

Florida governor candidates lack plans for Hispanic wage gap

WFTV 9 Eyewitness News:

Ocoee leaders decide to continue red light right-turn tickets

Criminal investigation underway to review Lynum corruption allegations

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CF News 13: President Obama, military leaders to talk ISIS strategy today at MacDill

WOFL FOX 35: Ocoee could change red light camera ticketing

Orlando Sentinel: Seminole County ready to shoo away panhandlers