Seefeldt to hold Fundraiser at the End of April for House 31 Contest

Businesswoman Terri Seefeldt is currently in one of the most highly competitive GOP House primaries in the state, as herself and 4 other challengers run to replace termed out incumbent Bryan Nelson in Florida House 31.

At the end of this month, she’ll be trying to fill the warchest in preparation for her push to earn the nomination, in the talent heavy contest.

Her campaign put out this fundraiser invite earlier this week.

Seefeldt fundraiser

She’ll need every penny. Her main competitors include Health Clinic Executive, Dr. Randy Glisson who has already raised 112K and Youth Development Leader Jennifer Sullivan, who’s large Grassroots following allowed her to qualify by petition in just a couple of days. Both of them have also done well during forums, and have the “Conservative Cred” to take to the voters. Also in the 5 way primary are Former Teacher Union Rep B. Grassel and Joseph Stephens. The lone Democrat is Jake Seymour in the red district.

It’s been Seefeldt however, that has been the news maker recently. She’s made big media buys like Billboards and Radio ads, and recently announced an endorsement from State Rep. David Santiago to join the nod from incumbent, Nelson (that story HERE).

Florida House 31 Changeable 1-14

New Crist email says he’s never met a Scott Saturday Canvasser

Former Republican Governor, turned Democratic Candidate for the same office Charlie Crist, sent out an email this morning titled “I haven’t met one, either…”. In this message Crist says he’s never met anyone that would spend a Saturday afternoon knocking on doors, for his predecessor and likely November Challenger Rick Scott.

The fundraising email says the following.

Have you ever met someone willing to spend a Saturday knocking on a few doors for Rick Scott?

I haven’t, either.

That’s why I’m investing a whole lot in our organizing program. The energy is out there — I see it everywhere I travel. We’ve got the right vision for Florida, and we’re going to talk to as many voters as we can to make sure everyone knows it.

Help build the biggest grassroots campaign a statewide race has ever seen.

The Republican Party of Florida has had grassroots operations in place (especially here in Orlando) for sometime now, knocking on doors for Scott’s reelection push. I would expect some kind of photo opp from them in the future, in response to this message. This campaign has gotten very personal, very early, between the state party and one of their former leaders.

Florida’s Intense Gubernatorial Contest will be one of the nations most watched races, with all of the story lines involved. Crist’s party switch and his favorable opinion of Obamacare. Scott’s wealth and struggle with approval numbers. It’s a tug of war that will have every Florida Politico involved.


Orange Democrats Spring Reception to feature Dyer, and State of Party Address by County Chairman

The Orange County Democratic Party, has announced that their Spring Reception will take place next month on May 17th at the Sanctuary, in Downtown Orlando.

The Program features Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer, and the County Chair Carlos Smith. Other elected officials listed on the Host Committee include Congressman Alan Grayson, Orange County Tax Collector Scott Randolph, Orange County Commissioner Tiffany Moore-Russell, and Orange County Sheriff Jerry Demings.

Other notable attendees include Florida Democratic Party Chairwoman Allison Tant and former Orlando Police Chief and Current Candidate for Orange County Mayor Val Demings.

Smith will be giving the State of the Party Address at the reception. Look for local Democrats to springboard from this event into the election cycle, where they’ll try to protect their gains from 2012, while trying to win seats on the County Commission and the Mayor race. They will also have to do their part for likely Gubernatorial Democratic Nominee, former Republican Governor Charlie Crist, as he takes on his predecessor Rick Scott in what will be one of the most highly watched races in the country.

You can read the flyer below.

orange county dems spring reception

Video: Teresa Jacobs Gives Opening Remarks at Hispanic Business and Consumer Expo

Last week, Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs gave the opening remarks at the Hispanic Business and Consumer Expo. With the importance of the Latino vote this election cycle, and the environment of growth for Hispanic Businesses this expo provides, it’s worth a watch.

Plus, she’s speaking Spanish for about half of the remarks.

Have a watch

Lynum “New Direction” of Campaign Signals Confusion, in Orlando D5 Commission Race

Attorney and Candidate for for Orlando Commission District 5 Juan Lynum is a smart guy but the movement from his campaign during his run has been a confusing one that portrays conflict.

The Orlando Sentinel published a story about the “New Direction” the Lynum campaign is promoting, in front of his run-off with Nurse Regina Hill on May 6th (that story HERE).

We’ll finish with that but let’s start from the beginning.

When Juan first entered the race, his Mother, current long-time D5 Commissioner Daisy Lynum was still in the contest, setting up a Mother vs. Son showdown, which everyone knew wouldn’t happen, but forced his campaign to get a late start against challengers that had already been campaigning for months.

There was also his curious behavior with Candidate forums. At first, he avoided debating his two other opponents and insisted holding his own events, where he alone would field questions. This gave his Hill and the other opponent in the Race Cynthia Harris, ammunition for claims that he was ducking voters. He ended up debating his opponents anyways.

There was also the WFTV story about Lynum using stickers to change his mother’s campaign signs to his own (a move I actually thought was kind of clever) and even though it was perfectly legal, Lynum didn’t talk to reporters. If he wasn’t going to defend his tactics, he just should have bought new signs (that story HERE).

Finally, we come to the “New Direction” his campaign is taking. He stood in front of a church full of voters about two weeks ago and reinforced his Mother’s policies, many of the cities existing policies, and promoting many of the venue projects in the City. One of his supporters include the Orlando Magic who will construct a Multi-Million Dollar Entertainment Complex across the street from the Amway Center.

This gave the voters a clear choice. Stay the course with a member of the Lynum family as Commissioner, or go a different route with one of the other two challengers.

Then came election day and Lynum got the most votes, but not enough votes to avoid a run-off with Hill. And with an endorsement from Cynthia Harris possibly coming he could be in trouble. Harris was called a “thugh” by Daisy Lynum when she dropped out.

Then came this New Direction from Gentrification to Preservation and Revitalization”.

This is the desired effect of the strategy. Flip on your donors, change positions, and try to attract as many of Harris’ voters as possible to win the run-off. When you win, revert back to your old positions and go pat your donors on the back.

But, this latest story just demonstrates more confusion. Should you have to re-define your campaign in the run-off?

But closing as I finished. Juan Lynum is a smart guy. He knows a lot. He could talk about hard policy and outperform the competition. Specifics about economic development. Specifics about solving the homelessness problem. Numbers. Solutions. but for some reason he hasn’t.

Instead it’s the latest unforced error of his campaign (and we haven’t even spoke of the FDLE Residency Investigation). If he loses then there will be plenty of things he could have done differently to have delivered victory.

juan lynum