No Bin Laden Photos, and Odds and Ends

A couple of odds and ends, updates and changes, you might have read about here, over the last couple of days. Here we go.

President Obama will not release Osama Bin Laden photos: On Wednesday, it was reported that President Barack Obama chose not to release the photos of Bin Laden after he was killed during a raid on his private compound, Sunday. The Photos are said to be gruesome, showing Bin Laden after taking a bullet above his left eye, with a piece of his skull missing. The President said “That’s not who we are. We don’t trot this stuff out as trophies. We don’t need to spike the football.” and everyone believes it would inflame the radicals, and motivate retaliation.

Speaker of the House John Boehner, amongst other lawmakers from both sides agree with the decision and I do, as well.

Alright, we see the photos….what happens next? I know it might be fun to photoshop Jack Bauer standing above the body or CSI muppets examining the corpse, but it would incite violence and benefit us very little.

Bin Laden Photoshop Idea #1

Photoshop Concept #2

The President made the right call on this one.

Illinois awarded a portion of rail money:Well, it turns out I’ll still be able to see high-speed rail dollars at work, after all. The place of my birth, and home to my relatives, Illinois will receive $186 million of HSR dollars. The money will go for rail leading from Chicago to St. Louis. That should make watching a Cubs, Cardinals series a little easier.

Droopy Drawers passes, heading to the governor: I just mentioned this yesterday, but it appears that SB 228 has passed and is heading to Rick Scott’s desk. The Droopy Drawers bill would ensure that, kids get a stern talking to if they don’t wear their clothes right at school. It could also lead to a parental notice or in-school suspension. Orlando State Senator Gary Siplin has caught a lot of teasing on this blog, and I’ve played it out….okay maybe one more jab.

I would like to congratulate Sen. Gary Siplin, and the powerful Belt/Suspender lobby in Tallahassee for sparing us the sight of hooligans marching the streets with their pants on the ground.

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